Résumé and Professional History

Current Position: The Kroger Company - Information Systems
Mainframe Network Support
Title: Senior Network Engineer
Tenure: February 2003 - Present
Skills: TCP/IP, VTAM, NCP in a z/OS mainframe environment
OSA/Express2(3,4,5), OSA/ICC, Telnet, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, Static & Dynamic VIPA, OSPF, Unix Systems Services
Netview, NPM, NTuneMon, Netview/FTP, Netview/Access Services, TPX, VTAM/Switch, SuperSession, Netview/Distribution Manager, Connect:Direct (NDM), Connect:Enterprise (TRACS, Mailbox), Zip/390, Dovetailed Co:Z Co-Processing Toolkit
z/VM, VM/Passthru, RSCS, AVS/VM, VM Center II/Manager, CMS, XEDIT, REXX, System/370 Assembler
Experience: Installation and configuration of all the above products; support of several large commerical accounts; project leader role on several large projects; interface with customers, vendors, co-workers and upper management; conversion of IBM 3745 controllers to newer technologies; conversion of EDI trading partners from bisync to AS2; 20+ years experience in large, commercial IBM mainframe environments.
Philosophy: I am a highly technical professional, capable of functioning with little supervision. I am self-motivated, independent, and able to self-train. I am a strong proponent of company loyalty, individual responsibility and personal commitment.
Objective: I am a very dedicated and motivated professional, seeking a career, not a job. I am looking for a company where I can grow, as an individual and as a professional, where I can contribute significantly and be challenged, where I can be rewarded in a fashion commensurate with my efforts, and from which I can one day retire.

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