StarCraft® is the first game of its type I ever played. Although I've played and enjoyed many other real-time strategy games since, this is still my favorite. When I first started playing, using the maps that came with the game, I found that the bases were difficult to defend, especially on the smaller maps. The computer overran my base before I could mount an effective defense. This gave me the idea of developing larger maps with more defensible bases.
Using the outstanding campaign editor that comes with StarCraft®, I created the maps which you will find on this page. These maps are all 256x256 in size, with starting points for eight players. There are plenty of resources, and plenty of interesting things on the maps. Best of all, the bases are designed in such a way that you should have ample time to mount an effective defense against the computer before his onslaught begins.
You can take advantage of this design. Most bases are placed on high ground, with a single ramp. That means the computer must march past a cliff along side your base before he can enter it. Put some attack units or structures along these cliffs, such as siege tanks or dragoons. Don't forget to build turrets or photon cannons around the perimeter of your base, to keep the enemy from landing carries, such as overlords or shuttles.
In most cases, the maps are designed to be played in Melee mode. Constructive criticism is welcome. Send comments to the WebMaster. Enjoy!
Deserts of Mercury Deep in the forbidding deserts of Mercury lies the great Tar Lake, final resting place of many careless travelers. Your base rests on a high plateau, surrounded by cliffs. Build your defenses and be patient...
Glaciers of Pluto Explore the icy wastelands of Pluto. Search the vast, barren expanse of ice and snow. Find the enemy and destroy all his structures.
Martian Jungle Trek across the dense Martian jungle. Your base may appear in an old, abandoned temple, or on a high cliff, surrounded by nearly impassable overgrowth.
Phobos Orbital Platform Orbiting the tiny Martian moon of Phobos is an enormous orbital platform. Originally intended as a center for commerce, it has since been overrun by aliens. Secure your base, then drive the invaders away! (Get them out of the mall, too.)
Space Chess Board A new twist on an old game. The bases are not large, so be sure to secure a second location as soon as possible. Watch out for the Zerg queen!
Wetlands of Europa Engage the enemy on the strange and mysterious world of Europa. It is rumored that, thousands of years ago, an enigmatic alien race operated a secret base from this forbidding moon.
Magma Maze You must find your way through a labyrinth of ancient volcanic hills, huge boulders and narrow passes laced with molten lava, in order to find your enemy's base.
Titan Rainforest Titan's beautiful rainforest is entirely artifical, terraformed years ago by the United Powers League as an experiment in international cooperation. Your enemies bases will not be hard to find.
Wastelands of Io If you like a challenge, use map settings. Three insane enemies will give new meaning to the phrase, "the fast and the furious".
UPL Camp in Neptune Orbit Constructed by United Powers League hard-liners, this large facility in Neptune orbit was intended as a holding camp for undesirables. Long ago abandoned, non-human squatters are everywhere. Be on your guard!
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