In March of 2008, it snowed. I took some pictures.

It snowed a lot, and it snowed on my deck.
It was not snowing when I took these photos. That's just water on the window.
That's almost 15 inches of snow on the back of the chairs. According to the National Weather Service.
It came down rather gently, based on that perfect 15" (deep) disk of snow sitting on the table.
Somewhere under all of that, there are steps...
Standing at the back of the house, looking out across the back yard, due south.
From the same spot, looking a little west of south.
From the same spot, I turned to my right. These are the steps leading up to the deck.
This is the west end of my back yard. I love that little fir tree. It looks happy, despite the snow.
Now I've descended the stone steps to the back yard proper. Looking south again. In the left foreground is the koi pond.
Facing east now, this is the stone retaining wall that separates the upper back yard from the lower.
Facing south again. You can see the tracks of a deer that ran through the snow.
Looking due west you can see the end of my deck and the neighbor's house.
Facing northeast you can see my other neighbor's house and my retaining wall.
From down in the yard, looking northwest, a good shot of my neighbor's houses. And the snow.